Tourist visas

To obtain a Russian tourist visa an applicant should, besides documents listed in the previous paragraph, present a standard tourist confirmation (fax copy, click here to view the sample) from a hosting authorized Russian travel agency or a hotel, which is registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has a valid reference number.

A copy of a voucher from the travel agency in Russia or the original and copy from the travel agency in Japan. The voucher must contain the following information:

  1. applicant's name or alphabetical list of a group with dates of birth and passport numbers;
  2. dates and points of arrival and departure in and from Russia and means of transportation;
  3. itinerary in Russia;
  4. index and reference number of the receiving organization;
  5. agency's official stamp and signature of the person in charge.

If you purchase tourist services from several travel agencies in Russia (which may be the case of both single and double tourist visa) a set of the above listed documents should be presented from each agency.